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lived in chicago, arizona is very far away from friends

hated hot weather with a passion

family disliked you going that far away

they gave you your best offer

and provided what you wanted to do only at schoolWOULD YOU PLAY FOOTBALL FOR ARIZONA EVEN IF YOU ...........?
yes . I would play for Arizona just for the sake of loving to play football and knowing that i play very well. But really the only thinb\g it comes down to is...scholarship....!
IF "they gave you your best offer and provided what you wanted to do only at school", then sure. It might be the best opportunity to get college education. Besides, living away from home is an adventure.WOULD YOU PLAY FOOTBALL FOR ARIZONA EVEN IF YOU ...........?
I would see what my other options were, but if this is your best option you should go for it...maybe you could be a big standout at the school and get more P-T. Could be the best decision you make.

Best of luck to you.

Go to AZ - you can always transfer!WOULD YOU PLAY FOOTBALL FOR ARIZONA EVEN IF YOU ...........?
Yes, if that is about the only choice.
Only if it was the only place I could get a scolarship.
football sux and it is for morons no matter where they are
no. i suck at football! D:
ok um if arizona wants u on their team hell yea
I would but i wouldent x.x stay where u are so u dont worry about ur family and friends

What to wear to a January wedding in Missouri?

I'm from Arizona and I'm not used to whatever kind of weather Missouri will have in January. What sort of outfit could I wear to the wedding that will keep me warm but still look formal?

(I don't know what time the wedding is, I think it's at a church and I don't want to wear pants!)

Thanks for your help!What to wear to a January wedding in Missouri?
As a St. Louis girl, I would recommend wearing whatever you would normally wear to a wedding. Since it's a winter wedding, wear tights or pantyhoes, closed-toed shoes, add a sweater or wrap to your outfit, and be sure to bring a nice, warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf (most nice wedding venues will have a coat check where you can leave these items). Be prepared for very cold, snowy, wintery weather. But, like another poster said, the weather here in the midwest can be very unpredictable... it might even be warmer than you expect! (Yesterday the temperature got up to 55 or so - pretty nice! Today the high was 22 and it's drizzling/snowing and icy!)
I swear by thick tights and boots. For instance, last month I went to an outdoor wedding (in Missouri! in November! with snow!) wearing a high black boots, a kind of mod red dress, and black tights. Under the boots I wore an unsexy pair of tube socks. That outfit was quite warm enough for the indoor reception. For the ceremony I added my black and white boiled wool coat and a cute hat.

Think about layers. For instance, you might sneak a close-fitting cami under a dress if you can do so unobtrusively. A LBD would look lovely with a bright cardigan and a pair of textured tights. If you're really expecting a cold day, try wearing more than one pair of tights. It's 13 here today, and I'm wearing two pair. If you're thinking about wearing a shawl, pick a nice thick pashima-style rather than a gauzy little thing.

Hope that helps.What to wear to a January wedding in Missouri?
Dear unrach,

it is 19 degrees here right now, and it can get that cold or worse in January.

Make sure your wear a coat, have gloves, and something to put on your head. You might consider slipping a pair of jeans or slacks under your party dress, and slipping them off in the bathroom before you go into the reception, or wearing a pair of pantyhose, and doing the same.

We here when the weather is bad wear a sturdy pair of shoes, change them to our party shoes in the bathroom or the foyer of the reception, we bring a couple baggies to slip them into so you won't soak any purses or leak water anywhere, if it is raining or snowing or sleeting[it did all three yesterday].

Bring something for your shoulders for the party if you are a cold type person, plenty of time to go find a shawl or a shrug or a jacket to carry.

PS, if the wedding is in a church, churches here are notorious for not turning up the heat in the winter. I have worn my coat through more than one church Xmas or New Years program. Make sure your bring your wrap.

And before you get on the plane, check the weather. We were at 50+ yesterday. The weather could be very nice, and you might not need special things.

and let me take this oportunity to explain chill factors. The temperature on the weather does not take into acount the wind, which when blowing cold air, can make it feel way colder. Today we are at 19, but the chill factor right now is around 0. It was -20 below earlier. Step out of a disabled car for more than a few minutes, at those temps, and count on frostbite.
Something like a sweater dress with tights and dress shoes or boots. Nothing cream, white or ivory. You can wear a cute dress(even if it's short sleeve) and have a fur or dressy wrap.

Other examples:





5.鈥?/a>What to wear to a January wedding in Missouri?
If you wear a dress with thicker stockings you should be fine. Just don't wear any really thin material dresses. You could always get a half or 3/4 sleeve dress, knee length with boots and a nice thick stockings underneath that noone would see anyway. Take a warm coat and a pashmina to complement your dress and wrap yourself with that if you need to. All the best.
If you are inside you should be fine. Just bring a nice coat. Im pretty sure January is our coldest month! Bring plenty of warm clothes to wear while you are here. Maybe like a cute sweater dress or something.
mitten, long underwear, insulted boots, earmuffs, long loose ladylike dress.its is minus 4 degrees here today,snow and freezing rain,will be this way thur march
anything except white
u should wear a long dress with high heels and a very big coat january is the coldest month we have in missouri
Maybe a long skirt and a dress jacket

You should wear a sundress that is colorful and flowing!

*Just to stay casual*

if the weather is colder then wear some dress jeans w/ boots tucked in

with a cute top
a really puffy dress...all the layers are bound to keep you warm

and maybe a really fluffy shoal......idk

good luck!
jeans shorts a flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off and a Confederate flag hat

What kind of glue should I use to adhere gems to an emblem that will be on the outside of my car?

I also live in it needs to be a glue that will withstand 150 degrees, and obviously weather conditions.What kind of glue should I use to adhere gems to an emblem that will be on the outside of my car?
JB weld 2 part epoxy. Find it in the auto dept of major retailers or any auto parts store.

It's sold in a blister pack with 2 tubes, one is red and one is black. Price is around $3.50 to 5 bucks

Mix same amount of red tube with black tube (I use a pc. of junk cardboard to squeeze the JB weld out onto and use an Ink pen that dont write any more to mix it together and to apply it)

Once mixed, just apply to back of your gens and sit them on your emblem.

If the emblem is still on the car, use duct tape to hold gem on till JB weld cures. It takes a good 10 hours for JB weld to fully cure.

Once cured it will withstand anything you can put it throughWhat kind of glue should I use to adhere gems to an emblem that will be on the outside of my car?
An epoxy glue (2 part glue that requires mixing together) would be the best bet - they are heat resistant to about 300 degrees. Before you jump in and start the job, you should test it. But be careful doing that indoors, the fumes can be a problems.

epoxy adhesives are a major part of the class of adhesives called "structural adhesives" or "engineering adhesives" (that includes polyurethane, acrylic, cyanoacrylate, and other chemistries.) These high-performance adhesives are used in the construction of aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, boats, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and other applications where high strength bonds are required. Epoxy adhesives can be developed to suit almost any application. They can be used as adhesives for wood, metal, glass, stone, and some plastics. They can be made flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque/colored, fast setting or slow setting. Epoxy adhesives are better in heat and chemical resistance than other common adhesives. In general, epoxy adhesives cured with heat will be more heat- and chemical-resistant than those cured at room temperature. The strength of epoxy adhesives is degraded at temperatures above 350 掳F (177 掳C).[6]

this one is rated to 250 degrees鈥?/a>
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  • How safe is it to leave a pet in a sweater unsupervised?

    I made a sweater for my cat, using a boughten one for a pattern. I have been worried about him feeling chilly lately, that's why I did that. He's been crawling under the covers with me. He's Siamese, and spent the first 7 years of his life in Arizona. Now that we have moved to Minnesota and he is a bit older, he seems to really feel the cool, damp weather. He's happily curled up in a ball, sleeping. Should I wake him up and take the sweater off him, because I may be paranoid, but something could happen with it on? Or am I worried for nothing, and pets who need sweaters do just fine without being watched all the time?How safe is it to leave a pet in a sweater unsupervised?
    As long as the cat is not outside in the very cold weather you should leave the sweather off when you are not there to supervise. I have small dogs and would never leave a sweater on them when I was not home. It could be caught on something and they could choke to death. Better to be safe. Just keep his pillow/blanket close to warmth.How safe is it to leave a pet in a sweater unsupervised?
    If it fits him right, it should be okay. If it seems to get caught on things or there's a way he can choke in it, take it off of him!How safe is it to leave a pet in a sweater unsupervised?
    as long as the sweater fits correctly, your pet should be just fine w/o supervision...however, if your cat is not in room temperature(out in the heat) I would suggest taking it off because all regular household pets can dehydrate and get heat exhaustion or ending up having a "heart attack" just like human beings...

    Does anyone have an experience of a heat pump (air conditioned) sistem on a really hot weather (100 plus F)?

    looking for the best sistem on the market... well the best i can afford. for use on really hot weather -summer avg. 103 F- and mild winters(arizona desert) . Im building a new home , so its easy to make any installations.Does anyone have an experience of a heat pump (air conditioned) sistem on a really hot weather (100 plus F)?
    Being that you live in Arizona I would go with just straight cool with electric or gas heat. The resaon is because heat pumps are more efficient mostly in the south east. Norh of the Mason Dixon they definitely loose their efficiency because of colder climates. I'm not sure how cold you get in the winter but as long as it's mainly above 35 to 45 degrees, straight cool would do you just right. Not to mention, it would be cheaper.Does anyone have an experience of a heat pump (air conditioned) sistem on a really hot weather (100 plus F)?
    hell thats mild compared to what im used to. Its a constant 120 almost in Havasu.Does anyone have an experience of a heat pump (air conditioned) sistem on a really hot weather (100 plus F)?
    Heat pumps do ok in summer. They are not efficient in the winter and when its really cold you get very little heat!

    What climate do hot peppers grow in?

    my group is doing this project on the climate problems etc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Can hot peppers grow in that weather like citrus (oranges) can? If not do you know any other plants, vegetables, fruits that can? Please leave a site from the internet if you got it off a site. Please help if you can!What climate do hot peppers grow in?
    I live in Wisconsin %26amp; we grow them in the summer. From what I know they like hot weather %26amp; not alot of water. So I would think they would grow in the same weather as oranges. Don't know if that helps.What climate do hot peppers grow in?
    Chili peppers love New Mexico.What climate do hot peppers grow in?
    Any where citrus will grow, hot peppers will flourish.

    Is it poosible a beer glass could be exploded naturally in just 93F degree of room temperature in Arizona?

    A beer glass of two coffee-cup size was burst in to pieces with sharp bang suddenly in my kictchen of mobile home on last year in Mesa, Arizona. Room temperature was only about 93F. How could it be happening ? Nothing touched it at all. Only what I could suspect is that I had been using two Black%26amp; Decker ultrasonic pest repellants on the opposite side in the electric outlet of kitchen. Does it affect even to break a sturdy beer glass to peices like an explosion in only 93F degree of hot weather in the room of Arizona? This is still shocking and a mystery to me. In the physics, is there some theory in this kind of case of combination?

    I don't think it is a work of ghost or spirit at all as someone might say that way. There may be some natural reason to explain it.

    Students in physics or any scientific-minded persons who have experienced this sort of stuff once in a lifetime! Your rationale or scientific theory would be very appreciated. No guessing, please.Is it poosible a beer glass could be exploded naturally in just 93F degree of room temperature in Arizona?
    Glasses are under a lot of internal stresses, specially low cost ones. A small scratch could start these internal stresses to release, and the glass could easily shatter.

    The ultrasonic sources could have played a part, don't know.

    .Is it poosible a beer glass could be exploded naturally in just 93F degree of room temperature in Arizona?
    I used to work at a restaurant that had tempered glass lamp shields and beer glasses. Tempered glass has a weird habit of surviving shocks that would shatter ordinary glass only to disintegrate days later at the slightest vibration.

    If the glass broke up into thousands of pea-sized pieces with dull edges this is likely what happened.

    The explanation is this: The tempering process prestresses the glass, putting the skin under tensile stress and the inside under compressive stress. These are normally in balance. Now the initial shock puts a microscopic crack that does not quite penetrate the skin so it holds together. Then the vibration works the crack back and forth until finally the stresses are no longer in balanced opposition and the unbalanced stresses rip the glass into pieces faster than the speed of sound, and the remaining stresses warp the edges into dullness.Is it poosible a beer glass could be exploded naturally in just 93F degree of room temperature in Arizona?
    Yes, it is possible. It happens in a microwave often, when the glass is heated unevenly. This is common in thick glass, because it's heated from the inside - out, with the interior expanding against in outer portion and it shatters explosively.

    The ultra-sonic repellant MAY have caused the same thing to happen.